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Politician Greeting Children


Continued work is needed to stabilize the child care system and your input makes a difference. Below are ways to get active and raise your voice for child care. 




Governor Newsom’s Office – Call (916) 445-2841

Press 1 for English (or 2 for Spanish), press 6, and then press 3 to record your message:

My name is _________ I live in: _____________ (zip code) and I am a Parent/Provider/Community Advocate.

Tell your story…

IF YOU ARE A PARENT: How will you be impacted if your child care provider closes and you no longer have access to quality child care?

IF YOU ARE A BUSINESS OWNER: How will your employees be affected if their child care options are lessened due to the child care workforce diminishing?

IF YOU ARE A CHILD CARE PROVIDER: How will you be impacted if you do not see a significant increase in wages?


Here are some facts:

  • Black and Latinx women make up nearly the entire child care profession, yet these child care providers earn an average of 78 cents less per hour than their White counterparts.

  • Black and Latinx parents cannot go back to work due to lack of access to quality child care in our communities.

  • CA has increased the state minimum wage by 40% over the past four years, however, the 2021 increase for child care providers only reflected a 2018 regional market rate and did not account for inflation or cost of living. Inflation in the state of CA has risen 19% since 2018.

  • Child care providers do not make a livable wage and cannot afford to operate as a small business with the current cost of living.

  • With a $97 billion budget surplus, Gov. Newsom can raise wages!


Letters remain a standard method of communicating advocacy needs to legislative offices. If you'd like to submit a letter to leadership in support of raising the rates, feel free to use our template letter. Names and address are already included and the letter can be customized to tell your story. 

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