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In 2013, Early Care and Education (ECE) advocacy organizations gathered to share policy priorities and develop common state budget asks in support of California's ECE system.

Since the initial convening, the Coalition has grown from a handful of organizations to 35 diverse groups representing various perspectives on ECE policy. Members range from parents to business organizations, ECE professionals and advocacy groups.

The Coalition is primarily focused on state budget and policy. It meets throughout the year to plan, coordinate, and align state policy development and advocacy activities.


The ECE Coalition envisions child care and early childhood education systems that serve and meet the diverse needs of all children, families, and ECE professionals, especially Black, Latinx, Indigenous people, and others harmed by systemic racism and additional injustices. These systems will justly compensate all who serve children and families, and will integrate culturally, developmentally and linguistically relevant, responsive, and affirming high-quality care and education for children, inclusive of children with disabilities.


The Coalition advocates for state budget investments and policies that aim to promote equity by serving the highest-need children first. We hold ourselves accountable for ensuring the investments, policies, and research we advance are anti-racist, and will liberate all children and families. To do this, the Coalition follows and uplifts the expertise and stories of families and ECE professionals.

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Early Care

& Education Consortium

The Early Care and Education Coalition brings the diverse voices of California early care and education advocates together to speak with one voice, increasing the effectiveness of everyone’s advocacy work to ensure children have access to high-quality early learning and care.

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Black Californians United for
Early Care & Education

The ECE Coalition creates a space for child care advocates to hash out ideas, push each other to think big, and then emerge united in our demands to mold a child care system that works for all Californians

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Council for a

Strong America

The ECE Coalition brings together the diverse voices that make up our early childhood landscape in California. To make impactful change for California's kids, families, and providers, we need to unify together and ensure that we're all working collaboratively towards progress. It is powerful to see how widespread support for ECE has become - and we are truly stronger together


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